John + Miles

Journalist Frank Tenot witnessed the first show of the tour in Paris: “People were very surprised why there was no John Coltrane like on Kind of Blue. So, part of the audience thinks that Coltrane doesn’t play too well, that he was playing the wrong notes, involuntarily.” Tenot went backstage after the show to tell the saxophonist, “You’re too new for the people… you go too far.” Coltrane just smiled and said, “I don’t go far enough.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, We are Floating in Space

"Only philosophers embark on this perilous expedition to the outermost reaches of language and existence. Some of them fall off, but others cling on desperately and yell at the people nestling deep in the snug softness, stuffing themselves with delicious food and drink. 'Ladies and Gentlemen,' they yell, 'we are floating in space!' But none of the people down there care." Jostein Gaarder

Black Square

Exactly one hundred years ago, Kazimir Malevich introduced Black Square in Petrograd (former name of St. Petersburg). It was placed boldly in the red corner, where Russians traditionally place orthodox icons. Today, many underestimate the importance of Black Square. It is not that everyone can draw it, it is that by meaning nothing, it means everything.

Part 1: Acknowledgment, Alternative Version

On the very next day, after recording a seminal classic "A Love Supreme", John Coltrane went back to Rudy Van Gelder's studio in Englewood Cliffs to record a sextet version of "Acknowledgment" with Archie Shepp and Art Davis on tenor and double bass. It didn't make it to the final cut due Coltrane's preference to the original version, that included the "A Love Supreme" chant. It shows, however, how radically different the same exact tune can sound on the very next day in the hands of giants of improvisation.